How to troubleshoot and repair a dishwasher

How to troubleshoot and repair a dishwasher

Repairing a dishwasher is not an emergency, it’s just that you can always try finding a solution on your own before finally calling an engineer to repair your dishwasher.
Following are some points which will help you in fixing your dishwasher which is not working properly or does not work at all. Basic knowledge of how to operate a dishwasher is pretty much helpful before getting started with a new dishwasher.

What if the Dishwasher does not run?

If after switching on the dishwasher nothing happens, there are possibilities that the dishwasher is not receiving an electric supply

● Make sure that the power is switched on: Even after plugging in the electronic appliance if nothing happens at all. In other words, there are no signals on the control panel there are chances that the power is not switched on. Check the socket where the plug is inserted if the socket is working properly. If there is any reset button on the panel try pressing the reset button if that helps. In order to check to the socket try plugging in any handy appliance.

● Check the Electrical Panel properly: The panel in which the dishwasher would be plugged in to make sure that the same is not fused or the power supply is not tripping.

● Make sure that the dishwasher switches and timer are working properly: In case the appliance is getting power supply still the dishwasher is not working it is possible that the timer or the switches are faulty. In case the door switch is not working the same be rectified by striking the door latch slightly with the help of a screwdriver but if there is a problem with the timer of the appliance it is better to call for an engineer.

What if the Dishwasher does not Fill?

If the dishwasher is now switched on but the water is not being filled this is because of faulty water supply or the water is drained off very soon.

● Make sure that the water supply is turned on: The water supply valve must be checked. Make sure that the valve is turned counterclockwise as there are possibilities that the valve was turned off the last time it was used.

● Do not forget to turn off the power of the dishwasher: When the dishwasher is not in use and is cool which means the same was used long before, try finding the float inside the dishwasher. Float is a cylindrical shaped container in the tub which is situated near the front. In most the floats there is a click sound when it moves up and down which is because of the spring-loaded in it. Lifting out and cleaning the float mechanism, also cleaning around the tube of the float. The float generally moves up and down freely, rinsing off the float helps in smooth movement of the same. There are many floats which are to be disconnected from the bottom, for which the access panel which is below is to be removed.

These are some troubleshooters which can be tried before calling an engineer to check the dishwasher.…