How to Use the Pre-Wash Cycle on Your Washing Machine

There were times when people used to have semi automatic washing machines in which there are two separate tubs for washing and drying. But, today, you can find plenty of washing machines and all of them would be automatic and preloaded with lot of modern features and specifications. Even you would find a lot of washing modes from pre wash to laundry modes. Most of the washing cycles are very easy to understand but when it comes to pre wash cycles, most of us are a little confused. You must would have thought that why there is a need of pre wash cycle and why it is important in a washing machine? Let’s see this in detail below:-

What is pre-wash Cycle in a washing machine?

A pre-wash cycle means a cleaning cycle which starts before your clothes cleaning cycle actually starts. This cycle is added to your cleaning cycle for almost all cycles like Speed Wash, Delicates, Rinse and Spin, and Wool cycles.

This cycle fills water into the washing tub and then agitate and spins. Once the spinning stops then only the regular cycle starts that you have selected.

Why the pre-wash cycle is needed in a washing machine?

This cycle is a must to have if your family consists of children. This is because children play and during this they make their clothes heavily soiled. You can even remember your childhood and you would find that even you also used to do so. This cycle is also useful if you have a lot of clothes from sports, construction work, filled with mud etc.

This pre wash cycle removes the dirt from your clothes and protects it from stains. This cycle is also useful for families having babied where you need to wash cloth diapers or urinated clothes of babies. This cycles removes the odour and make the clothes ready to be disinfected and cleaned in fresh water.

How to use the pre wash cycle in your washing machine?

The best way to get to know about the wash cycle of your washing machine is by going through the Owner’s manual which comes with the washing machine. However, different washing machine brands have a slightly different wash cycles and features and controls but most of them go through the same process described below.

• You have to load your clothes into your washing machine. This is the first step which is common for all washing machine.

• Now, you have to add the liquid detergent or power into the detergent dispenser box or you can even pour detergent directly into the tub.

• The third step is to select the washing cycle. You may select normal, heavy, Towels etc.

• Select the pre wash cycle by pressing on the button located on the control panel, referred to as “Pre-wash”.

• Close the lid and press the start button.

• The pre wash cycle will begin before the normal washing cycle you selected.

So, the next time you go for washing your clothes, select the pre-wash cycle and see how your clothes get cleaned. I guarantee that you would be surprised with the results.

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