Reasons Why the Motor Burns Out in a Washing Machine

Nowadays, washing machine has become an important part of our home. It cleans all our dirty stuff which we cannot even think of cleaning by our hand. But whenever due to any reason it stops working, we have to face a lot of difficulty in cleaning our clothes. Even there are numerous laundry service units but still getting your cleaned clothes on time is the biggest necessary for our day to day work.

So, you would have understood that it’s very important for our washing machine to keep working. But it needs to be maintai8ned properly to get cleans clothes on time without any problem. There are many important parts of a washing machine but motor is the part without with it cannot even spin.

Generally, every washing machine motor come with a lifetime warranty or you can say that the motor is made in such a way that it can keep working for lifetime. But there are cases when motor gets burnt or stops working and then we have to either call the service guy or get it repaired locally.

But even if you know some basic maintenance tricks you can do it yourself and you do not have to face problem for years. These are just small preventive measures that one needs to take care of.

Some of the Reasons of burning of the motor

Dirt Accumulation
Dirt is one of the most known causes of burning of motor. Dirt gets accumulated into the start switch of the motor and then it restricts the connection of motor from other parts. In this case, it starts absorbing more amount of electricity. You may have heard some buzzing sound coming from your motor. It is majorly due to accumulation of dirt which forces motor to draw more amount of electricity. Burning of motor then takes place due to more amount of electricity passage to the motor.

Bearings getting worn Off

Wearing of bearings is quite normal but it can cause heavy loss. These wearing can cause more pressure on the motor to run and spin the tub and can led to wear of motor before time. Most of the times it happens due to improper cleaning of washing machine.
Therefore, proper cleaning of motor is very necessary as it cause heavy cost to you as the washing machine motors are not designed to be repaired. You would have to replace it.

Drive Belt

Most of the washing machine uses V shaped drive belt for proper functioning of washing machine. These belts wear out after a time and needs to be replaced with the new one. Replacing the belt is easy but you must not make the belt to tight. If it gets too tight it will generate high tension on motor causing it to burn. So, if you are changing the drive belt then you must go through your user’s manual can check the proper tension and depression that needs to be maintained.


Overloading of clothes in a washing machine can also lead to burning out of the motor. Overloading leads to overheating of many accessories in a washing machine which causes malfunction of the machine.

Therefore, you must not put more load than the load recommended by the manufacturer.

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